There Is Hope

Counseling Services

The Counseling Center practices a biblical integrated counseling model, utilizing the teaching of the Holy Scripture as well as the fields of counseling and psychotherapy. We recognize that with God’s help and that of a trained counselor life change and restoration are possible.  Our trained professionals are here to listen, pray with you and help you take the next step towards healing and renewal.  We take confidentiality very seriously.  All information that is received is handled with the utmost discretion as allowed by law.  

Sometimes we need the help of a spiritual friend who can take a close, objective look at our struggles. Are you overwhelmed by a problem? Are you haunted by a dilemma? There are answers in God’s word. You just need to know where to look. We are here to help with that. Because our counselors are educated and trained there is a minimal charge for their services. Contact 719-382-5535 or email

About our Counselors

Rev. Gary Ridge has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Liberty University and is currently working on a Master's degree in Psychology from Louisiana Baptist University.  He is a Licensed Pastor and an Ordained Minister with more than 30 years of professional pastoral experience.