Our ministry is led by a team of staff and volunteers who love God and love children. We want every child who comes through our doors to see, hear, and feel the love of Jesus Christ. KidCity exists to help children glorify God and grow to their full potential in Christ by partnering with parents in knowing God, involving in friendship and fellowship, developing ministry gifts, serving in church and throughout our community.

KidCity meets every Sunday during every service. The kids, 0-5th grade, get to enjoy dynamic programming while parents are able to attend an adult worship service. In KidCity our focus is learning the Bible by song, lessons, skits, hands-on activities and experiments. Your Children are Safe When you come to KidCity, you must check-in your child(ren). Each child will have their own identification sticker to wear and the parent will receive a pick-up tag with a corresponding number to match. In order to come to class your child must check-in and in order to leave the classroom, your child must be checked out by a parent/guardian with the matching pick-up tag.



Parents watch this overview of "Come to the Castle" lessons and be in the know on what we are doing in May.  Preschoolers will learn to say "God's got it."

Tiny Town
0-2 years

Tots Landing
2 & 3 years


Wacky World
1st - 5th grade


Wacky World

Parents of grade School kids check out what we are doing during the month of May.